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Exhaust extraction system for emergency stations with highest operational requirements

MagnaRail is a high capacity system designed to handle highest operational requirements. Up to four vehicles can be attached to the same rail each with a designated disconnection point. For a drivethrough application for vehicles with either high level or low level tail pipes. The suction rail is formed in a configuration such that the extrusion serves not only as an exhaust duct, but also as the guide rail that the extraction trolley travels in. The rail is available in up to 30 m. The fan/duct work can be connected to the rail via either a end outlet or one/several top outlets (depending on length of rail).

Optional automatic start/stop device that offers:
-Practical control of fan start/stop

-Safe control of air quality (source ventilation automatically starts when vehicle engine starts)

-Simple programming
- Approval for radio equipment acc. to EC directives, FCC (USA) and IC (Canada)

  • High exit speed: up to 25 km/h - 15 mph
  • Exhaust pipes: low level or high level
  • Capacity: up to 4 vehicles at a time
  • For reverse-in or drive-through



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