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Data Cable Reel D20

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Cable reel with Cat7 Ethernet cable. Durable, safe and with smart design.

A reliable network connection is an essential part of every company’s infrastructure. Although a wireless connection is a good complement, for maximum speed, stability and security, a fixed connection is still the best option.

The D20 has been designed to withstand heavy usage in environments such as vehicle workshops, hardware labs, data centers, among others.

  • Durable: Made with resistant composite material and high quality components.
  • Safe: spring and electronic components properly protected for safe usage and servicing.
  • Smart: designed for easy connection of cables.
  • Stable: Cat7 ethernet cables gives stability to data transfer.
  • Certified: according to Industrial Cable Reel Directive SS-EN 61316.

Технические данные

Сертификация CE
Материал Impact resistant composite
Цвет Grey
Corrosion resistance Standard
Electric/Spring driven Spring
Материал Data/Ethernet