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Explosion Isolation Flap Valve CARZ-N Ø710 -1 000mm

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Explosion Isolation Flap Valve CARZ-N protective system

Explosion Isolation Flap Valve type CARZ-N is designed as explosion pressure resistance equipment, which is able to prevent a transmission of dangerous effects of explosion pressure wave and flames front to upstream areas. Certified according to EN 16447.

During air flow generated by the main fan, the Flap plate is open. In case of an explosion in the downstream equipment (e.g. dust collector) a pressure wave will force to close the Flap plate and lock in position. Large opening angle ensure low pressure drop. When Flap plate is closed it makes an effective barrier against approaching flame front. This prevent the explosion from being transmitted to upstream work areas.

  • Marking: II D St1 II D St2 II 1/3 D Ex h IIIC T75°C Da/Dc
  • Marking is based on product certification: FTZU 16 ATEX 0192X by N.B. No. 1026 and Quality System approval by N.B.
  • IECEx FTZU 17.0015 - Product certification according to International Certification System IECEx.
  • For horizontal installation only



Ambient temperature range -20 to +60°C
Сертификация CE, EX
Материал Welded construction in RAL 5009 blue painted steel plate.
Maximum duct length, L-max , pull (m) 10
Maximum duct length, L-max, push (m) 10
Maximum number of elbows 2
Maximum pressure in EIF (Pmax) (bar) 0,7
Minimum duct lengthm, L-min, pull (m) 5,5
Minimum duct length, L-min, push (m) 5
Operating temperature range -20 to +70°C
Dust Concentration in duct Any
Explosion Class ATEX St1
Kst (bar m/s) 200
Max velocity in duct (m/s) 30
Minimum velocity in duct 0
Minimum vessel size, pull (m3) 3,2
Minimum vessel size, push (m3) 3,2
Install type Push and Pull